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Bass Valley Rolling Hills


The Committee of Governance of the Bass Valley Community Group Inc regrets to announce that printed production of the Bass Valley News has ceased as of June 2018. There are a number of reasons for this however, the primary reason is that the paper’s advertising revenue no longer covered production costs. Print media of all types has been losing out to social electronic media and the Bass Valley News has been no exception.

BVCG Online Presence
The Bass Valley Community Group Inc continues to build its online presence, thus staying in touch with the community. The BVCG Web site is constantly being updated, thanks to volunteer and tech-wiz Steve. Our Facebook pages for the Bass Valley Community Centre and the Hadden House op shop regularly publish updated information, thanks to volunteer Carolyn.

Internet access in the Waterline area
Australia’s NBN broadband is available to most Waterline residents however, not everyone has internet access. The most recent census data (ABS:2016) estimates that almost 71% of people in the Waterline area have internet access, and this number continues to grow. If you require internet access, BVGC also provides an internet connected public computer for public to use in our foyer installed as part of our free Public Internet Access program in our area.

Monthly BVCG News in print
You can still catch up with current BVCG news with our monthly news item which can be found in The Waterline News.

Online Past Editions
Please select from the chronological list below to view available past editions of the Bass Valley News which are readily available to view or download from this page. These files are in PDF format, are high resolution and in full colour.

All Bass Valley News archives are stored in PDF format and require a pdf reader to view them.


Download editions of The Bass Valley News

The Bass Valley News 2018

July 2018 5.72Mb

April 2018 10.4Mb

February 2018 5.73Mb

The Bass Valley News 2017

December 2017 10Mb

November 2017 9.94Mb

October 2017 8.21Mb

September 2017 8.14Mb

August 2017 7.04Mb

July 2017 6.90Mb

June 2017 7.78Mb

May 2017 6.87Mb

April 2017 6.71Mb

March 2017 7.4Mb

The Bass Valley News 2016

December 2016 8.8Mb

November 2016 7.3Mb

October 2016 7.8Mb

September 2016 8.0Mb

August 2016 7.9Mb

July 2016 9.4Mb

June 2016 10.1Mb

May 2016 9.6Mb

April 2016 10.8Mb

March 2016 9.6Mb

February 2016 9.6Mb

The Bass Valley News 2015

December 2015 9.2Mb

November 2015 9.0Mb

October 2015 9.1Mb

September 2015 9.5Mb

August 2015 8.3Mb

July 2015 8.9Mb

June 2015 12.0Mb

May 2015 9.0Mb

April 2015 8.7Mb

March 2015 7.9Mb

February 2015 7.9Mb

The Bass Valley News 2014

December 2014 3.9Mb

November 2014 7.0Mb

October 2014 6.0Mb

September 2014 5.8Mb

August 2014 4.6Mb

July 2014 3.6Mb

June 2014 3.8Mb

May 2014 4.9Mb

April 2014 4.65Mb

March 2014 5.14Mb

February 2014 4.66Mb

The Bass Valley News 2013

December 2013 4.42Mb

November 2013 4.50Mb

October 2013 3.61Mb

September 2013 2.87Mb

August 2013 6.72Mb

July 2013 3.49Mb

June 2013 4.02Mb

May 2013 2.87Mb

April 2013 3.01Mb

March 2013 2.56Mb

February 2013 2.65Mb

The Bass Valley News 2012

December 2012 4.04Mb

November 2012 9.38Mb

October 2012 3.76Mb

September 2012 8.71Mb

August 2012 3.66Mb

July 2012 5.12Mb

June 2012 5.58Mb

May 2012 6.94Mb

April 2012 5.81Mb

March 2012 4.63Mb

February 2012 3.41Mb

The Bass Valley News 2011

December 2011 4.69Mb

November 2011 5.68Mb

October 2011 5.01Mb

September 2011 3.57Mb

August 2011 3.68Mb

July 2011 3.58Mb

June 2011 5.63Mb

May 2011 4.93Mb

April 2011 3.93Mb

March 2011 3.27Mb

February 2011 3.31Mb

The Bass Valley News 2010

December 2010 6.38Mb

November 2010 2.63Mb

October 2010 3.46Mb

September 2010 3.25Mb

August 2010 4.12Mb

July 2010 3.71Mb


The Bass Valley News – Award Winning Newsletter

Acknowledged by the Community Newspaper Association of Victoria (CNAV)

2009 Awards

Finalist – (May 2009) Best Newsletter 12 Pages or Less
Finalist – (August 2009) Best News Reporting

2008 Awards

Finalist – (March 2008) Best Newsletter 12 Pages or Less
Finalist – (April 2008) Best Layout

2007 Awards

Winner – (September 2007) Best Newsletter 8 Pages or Less